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Kayte Woog smiling as she prepares to talk about menopause
30 Jul

Ladies, we need to talk about menopause.

BY Kayte Woog
“Knowledge is power. Get to know your body and listen to it.” Mrs. Woog has a thing or two to say about menopause.
Close up of woman's feet walking along a beach as she considers how getting older isn't as bad as she thought
30 Jul

15 reasons why getting older isn’t as bad as you think

BY Kayte Woog
Women’s lifestyle blogger Mrs. Woog shares her own personal story – from her pre-teen years to entering perimenopause.
Woman going through menopause discusses why there is still a stigma attached to it
21 Mar

Why is there still so much stigma around menopause?

BY WomenBe team
Mention the word ‘menopause’ to a group and you will notice a sudden shifting of eye contact. It’s awkward. Like menstruation, it’s a topic that can only be mentioned in whispers to close friends. But menopause is a normal part of the female experience. We asked women: why the stigma?
Woman talking about experiencing menopause in her workplace
24 Jan

Menopause at work: ‘You don’t get taken as seriously if you’re standing there sweating’

BY WomenBe team
These women discuss how menopause has affected them in their workplaces, from the challenges of working in a male-dominated corporate culture to thriving in the supportive environment of a women-only gym.
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