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Woman going through menopause discusses why there is still a stigma attached to it
21 Mar

Why is there still so much stigma around menopause?

BY WomenBe team
Mention the word ‘menopause’ to a group and you will notice a sudden shifting of eye contact. It’s awkward. Like menstruation, it’s a topic that can only be mentioned in whispers to close friends. But menopause is a normal part of the female experience. We asked women: why the stigma?
09 Oct

Celestina’s emotional letter to her husband will bring tears to your eyes

Celestina’s journey through menopause left her feeling disoriented and alone. Watch as she reads a letter she wrote to her husband to help him understand.
Find out what Kate did to manage her menopause symptoms.
09 Oct

Menopause came as a ‘big shock’ for Kate. This is how she took back control of her life

As a health blogger who knows a thing or two about wellness, Kate wasn’t about to let hot flushes, brain fog and headaches bring her down.
Lana Hirschowitz describes how menopause isn't the end of being young.
09 Oct

Menopause isn’t the end of feeling young

BY Lana Hirschowitz
As Lana Hirschowitz approaches menopause, she realises it isn’t something that happens to older people, but something that is happening to her friends.
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