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15 reasons why getting older isn’t as bad as you think

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15 reasons why getting older isn’t as bad as you think

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By Kayte Woog
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15 reasons why getting older isn’t as bad as you think

Sometimes my body wants a cheeseburger. And because I love myself (most of the time), I feed that love with a fresh hot cheesy-B. When I was in my prime breeding years, my body wanted multiple chocolate milkshakes. Again, I was an enabler and visited the milk-bar regularly.

You see, your body talks to you. It lets you know when you are tired, when you are thirsty and when you need to turn off the stupid reality show that you are watching because you are killing off your brain cells by participating in such rubbish.

Your body can talk to you in helpful and unhelpful ways. If you do 100 squats, the following day your body will let you know about it. It can try and convince you that you need to eat the entire block of chocolate. It can trick you into staying on the couch all day when the sun is shining outside.

And as you reach your forties, you might notice other changes that occur as you hit perimenopause. This was once a taboo topic to discuss and women went through this period basically on their own. We didn’t know much about menopause back then, and your GP would often prescribe you medication and send you on your merry way.

The first signs that you might be entering perimenopause or menopause is that your cycle can change. Your period might become very heavy, or lighter. It can be longer, or shorter.1,2 It’s a bit mysterious! You can also get very sensitive to temperature and perhaps go through your first hot flush.1

As you get older, you may find that you are disagreeing with your body more often than not. But getting older does come with some humour and grace.

  1. You are walking down the street and you stop in front of a house and declare your admiration for that particular garden – “what beautiful roses!”
  2. You make plans to go out to dinner with friends based on the convenience of car parking.
  3. You also make the reservation for no later than 7.30 pm. If they cannot get you a table until 8pm, you seek an alternative restaurant.
  4. You watch a reality TV show and agree with yourself that youth is wasted on the young. And your body doesn’t look like that anymore.
  5. When shopping, you always consider the “CARE” label before purchasing. You avoid linen due to the ironing factor, and anything that needs to be hand washed or dry-cleaned.
  6. You avoid drinking coffee after 4pm and avoid drinking alcohol after 8.30pm, because it affects the quality of your sleep.
  7. You discuss with your partner, each morning, whether you slept well or not.
  8. You only wax in summer.
  9. Your pants may start to feature the benefits of an elasticised waist and you do not care, because they are extremely comfortable.
  10. You learn to accept your appearance and make the most of what you’ve got.
  11. You realise that you would rather go without than to drink bad wine.
  12. You learn to buy it once, and buy it well. Although, this doesn’t count when it comes to shoe sales. That’s when all bets are off.
  13. You stop buying magazines because you realise that you are paying for ads and an idealistic representation of how your life should look.
  14. You care less what other people think of you and swing your arms vigorously as you march to the beat of your own drum.
  15. And finally, like lamb shanks in the slow cooker, you realise that you get better with time.

Getting older can be annoying and those hot flushes are a pain to deal with, but it is also a wonderful time to reflect on your achievements and let go of your hang-ups. Continue to listen to your body and allow yourself permission to have that glass of red wine, if you so desire.

Talk to your friends. My mates and I are constantly talking about feeling hot, we talk about our periods and our sore boobs. We talk about feeling blue at times, being irritable and short tempered. We do not have to go through these things alone anymore.

And that is a grand thing.


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