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Menopause isn’t the end of feeling young

By Lana Hirschowitz

Menopause isn’t the end of feeling young

For as long as I can recall I have been waiting to feel like an adult. I remember being a kid and watching my mother and her friends, they seemed so old and wise, I assumed they were always having intense discussions about politics and superannuation and other very grown up topics. From a child’s perspective they weren’t having that much fun.

But then I got older, old enough to vote, have kids, earn money and pay off a mortgage. Technically I am an adult like my mum was; but I still don’t feel all that mature.

My friends and I talk about everything, sometimes even superannuation, but in our minds we are not nearly as old as our kids see us.  

We are definitely not as old as I remember my mother and her friends being, although we are at least ten years older than she was at the time. We just seem so young, we are still having so much fun, we still have so much growing to do.

It’s with this very youthful outlook that I sat down with my friends recently and realised that we’d quite naturally brought a new conversation to the table. Just like we had discussed our kids, our husbands, our jobs, and everything in between we are now discussing menopause. Not like some distant spectre in our future, not like something that happens to other older people but something that is most definitely happening to us. Even though we are so young (in my head).

I could have sworn that by the time I was discussing hot flushes, hormone replacement and fluctuating moods I would feel positively old. But I still don’t.

When menopause was an unknown it felt quite scary, it was something that happened to old women and somehow the myth of eternal youth had made me believe that it was going to be a bad thing –  the physical end of my fertile years which I more or less translated to the end of my youth.

But that hasn’t happened. Now that it’s something I am discussing with my friends with the same humour and humanity that we have discussed almost every life stage we have faced, I realise menopause is not the ogre I had imagined. Distance made it seem scary – living through it with friends reminds me that it’s just another life stage.

Yes there are complaints about the hot flushes but they’re made amongst a multitude of jokes and suggestions, we discuss blood tests and hormone levels without angst because we know it’s not a disease we are facing.

We discuss menopause like we discuss covering our grey hairs, specials on laser hair removal and finding trendy clothing that doesn’t look like we’ve stolen items from our kids wardrobes – it’s all a natural part of ageing.

Maybe I need to reconcile myself to the fact that I am an adult who still has so much living to do and maybe, just maybe, by the time we are discussing retirement plans I will admit to feeling as old as my mother once was. In the meantime I am ready to embrace menopause, with my friends at my side.


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